Privacy policy

Project security is paramount for the animals, project equipment and personnel involved, therefore no personal data or detailed location information will be made publically available. Organisations with access to the data set are members of the Mink MApp team and Natural Apptitude. Partner organisations collaborating with the Mink MApp project and other organisations that would benefit from the data, such as government bodies working on national mink control strategies, may be given access to the dataset but not to your contact details.

Data collected will be analysed by Mink MApp staff, and findings may be presented in a range of outputs to aid understanding of the extent of current mink control, geographical gaps in control projects, and to aid the development of a nationwide strategy. Such outputs might include academic journals, magazines, project summaries, blog posts, infographics, leaflets, policy briefs, social media etc. This will help improve our understanding of the current reach of mink control and help us to move forward with a nationwide strategy. Records of raft/trap locations will not be published or released at resolutions lower than 2km.