A little coordination goes a long way

Download the app and start working with us towards Mink free waterways

Monitor your project’s rafts and traps

Gathering your data in a single place

The Mink MApp has been designed for use by mink control projects of all sizes, from individuals with one or two rafts, to larger concerns with tens or hundreds.

If being used within a group, all users of the app must log in with the same email address and password to ensure record visibility but maintaining record privacy to within your group only.

Each project will require a Group Administrator to determine the email address and password and create the project account on Coreo using instructions found here.

Instructions on how group members (ie individuals checking rafts and traps as part of your mink control team) should access the app may be found here.

Install Coreo app
Install Mink MApp project
Add records

Find where mink have been spotted or trapped

Locating regions where data has been collected

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